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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Below I have compiled some clips and videos related to Honey and Clover. The ones with an asterisk in front of them have been English-subbed by me at overstream.

Behind the Scenes of Filming + NGs
20080124 Press Conference (efun)
20080124 Press Conference (sina)

8-minute Preview
Preview 1
Preview 2
Preview 3
Preview 4
Preview 5

Miscellaneous Messages from the Cast
*Joe, Lego, and Eddie wishing Happy Mother's Day --- (English-subbed)
*Joe, Lego, Eddie, and Janine - short message --- (English-subbed)

*Opening song: 幸运草的祝福 The Well Wishes of Clover --- (English-subbed with pinyin so you can sing along)
Behind the Scenes of the MV (1) (2)

Ending song: 想你的习惯 The Habit of Thinking about You
Young Pure Love version - with Sen Tian (Eddie Peng), Zhu Ben (Lego Li), and Ben Huang (Ito Chiaki)
Protect Love version - with Zhen Shan (Joe Cheng), Ya Gong (Janine Chang), and Li Hua (Tarcy Su)
*Combined version - with both love triangles (English-subbed)